At ProviderAlly, Inc. we respect your right to personal privacy, online and off. Our Privacy Policy is designed to provide you with protection and value. And it's written in "plain English." Here are the highlights:
• We do not sell information about you, your Accounts or your transactions.
• When we share information, it is only according to the guidelines described in our Privacy Policy.
• We do not share information with third party marketers.
• We will not contact any patients. All correspondence will be initiated by your Healthcare Provider.
This Privacy Policy applies to personally identifiable information about a consumer or a consumer's current or former customer relationship with us. Our Privacy Policy will evolve to meet the changing world in which we operate and we will promptly advise you of any changes to it as required by applicable law.
I invite you to read our Privacy Policy. If you have any questions or if anything is unclear, please contact us at 518-621-2993.

Kathy Koch
Owner, ProviderAlly, Inc.

Privacy Is Important to Us

We believe that Privacy is a cornerstone of our customer relationship. In designing our business, we strive to find methods to guard your privacy while affording you opportunities to save time and money.

• We do not sell information about our customers, their Accounts, or transactions to others for their use.
• We do not share information about you, except in the limited circumstances described in our Privacy Policy.
• When we do share information it is limited to the information necessary for the particular circumstance.
• We restrict access to the information we obtain about you, only to appropriate employees and service providers for business purposes only.
• We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that comply with federal regulations to guard against misuse of the information we obtain.


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We use a cookie for each computer that visits our site. The cookie is integral to the customer experience and is necessary to use our online services. It allows us to customize the website presentation based on your Accounts. While cookies, including ours, can be disabled, if you disable our cookie you will not be able to use our website.
Cookies may also be used by our partners who have links on our website. These cookies allow those partners to recognize you and monitor your use of the site. The partners will not get personal information about you unless, and until, you provide your information to them when visiting the partner's site. For more information about partners' use of cookies see their privacy policies.
At present, we do not allow third-party serving of advertising on our website. If we do allow such activities in the future, we will post a link from our Online Privacy Statement to the privacy policy of the company or partner that is associated with each advertisement. We recommend that you review each company or partner's privacy policy including their use of cookies to understand their information handling practices and your options.

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