BankingQ for Vendors

Vendors rejoice with a new solution that will guarantee every payment is certified to the bank.  Whether using our online portal or integrating via our API's back into your host practice management system (PMS), the BankingQ suite automates the last few areas of the payment process that are inefficient.

As a Vendor partner you obtain the following:

  • The ability to develop and market your own best-in-class solutions by integrating with ProviderAlly's BankingQ Product Suite for hospitals, practices and physician groups.
  • A dedicated solution manager to help leverage our solutions and expertise to enhance the consulting or technical services you deliver to your customers.
  • Award-winning service and support.  At ProviderAlly, we never outsource our award-winning service and support - All of our support agents are trained and work in our US facilities.
  • Full product integration - Integrate with our library of API's, allowing your company to create streamlined solutions that seamlessly incorporate all of our BankingQ capabilities into your own products. 

About ProviderAlly

ProviderAlly is changing the way medical groups manage and reconcile their revenue. By automating the reconciliation of all healthcare payments received in the revenue cycle we virtually eliminate the manual processes and spreadsheets used today to balance payment data. ProviderAlly - Advancing Healthcare Financials

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