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How we help providers is by automating the last few payment components that remain manual in the majority of practices.  These include manually posting checks that continue to arrive via paper, balancing the two disparate worlds of the bank statement and the practice management system, and automatically parsing the EOB to the appropriate system for automatic electronic posting.

By engaging in automating these areas, inefficient processes are removed, saving time and money, decreasing the risk of fraud, and providing analytical data to make sound business decisions in your practice.

ProviderAlly's application suite will revolutionize the way you think of payments and allow you to streamline the back office and allow providers to focus on patient care.

About ProviderAlly

ProviderAlly is changing the way medical groups manage and reconcile their revenue. By automating the reconciliation of all healthcare payments received in the revenue cycle we virtually eliminate the manual processes and spreadsheets used today to balance payment data. ProviderAlly - Advancing Healthcare Financials

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