Advancing Healthcare Financials

BankingQ Analytics takes your data and presents it in a logical way for you to make critical decisions

What are Analytics?

Key performance indicators derived from the banking and payment data provided.

How do they work?

We do all the research for you and provide the most important indicators.  You decide which are those that you present in the application.

Why use Analytics?

To help drive decision making in the organization and improve the velocity of your revenue cycle based on real data....Your data.
Denial Data

Denial Data

Detailed data on specific denials.
Payer Payments

Payer Payments

Understand your top payers and how they pay.
Banking Trends

Banking Trends

Understand how quickly your deposits are available.
Patient Payments

Patient Payments

Improve and monitor patient collections.
Payment Trends

Payment Trends

Follow trends and take action decisively.
Alert Monitors

Alert Monitors

Set alerts when payment information passes defined thresholds.

Download the Overview

Payments data that drives decision making.


About ProviderAlly

ProviderAlly is changing the way medical groups manage and reconcile their revenue. By automating the reconciliation of all healthcare payments received in the revenue cycle we virtually eliminate the manual processes and spreadsheets used today to balance payment data. ProviderAlly - Advancing Healthcare Financials

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